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Top Ten Connected Families Blog Posts of 2022

Top blog posts 2022

Each year, it’s fun to look back and see which of our blog posts seem to have had the biggest impact on the parents coming to our website. Without further ado, here are (in no particular order) the TOP 10 blog posts of 2022 on the Connected Families website! (Spoiler alert: these blog posts cover everything from tween hygiene to sore losers to attachment style.)

Are there any you missed? Now’s your chance! Time to bookmark this post, grab a beverage, and get caught up!

“Go to your room!” is a common command when kids have misbehaved. But even if your child complies, they may be feeling controlled, rejected, and might be growing resentful. So how do you get unstuck from this potentially unhelpful default response?

Tweens often get stuck in a cycle of less-than-optimal hygiene. Every child’s reason is as unique and surprising as the next child’s. BUT… we encourage you to dig deeper and explore these awkward waters. It’s worth it!

Knowing when to stand firm as a parent and when to extend mercy can be a difficult challenge. How can you be better about setting limits when needed?

Does this sound familiar? “I hate this game!”, “You cheated!” or “It’s not fair!” Finally, you might hear, “I’m not playing anymore!” And then swish -the game goes flying- or the winner might even get an angry whack!  Ever wonder how to navigate life with a child who has trouble losing while still teaching wisdom and life skills?

“My daughter seems distant.” or “My son wants nothing to do with me. It seems like my efforts at connecting just push him further away!”  Can you relate to these statements?  Some kids, for a whole host of reasons, struggle more with connection than others. Read this article to learn how to gently invite a child that wants nothing to do with you into meaningful connection, even if there’s resistance.

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Have you ever directed an angry child to punch a pillow? Lots of well-intended parents have! But does it really help? Find out what research shows about hitting things when angry, and how that dovetails well with what scripture says about anger. Then learn practical strategies to help when your child hits the boiling point!  

Are you struggling to experience joyful, connected, authentic relationships with your loved ones? Is it possible that childhood wounds are keeping you stuck? In this article, you’ll gain lots of practical insights that can help you walk in deeper joy and freedom in your relationships! 

Do you want to teach your child about God but aren’t sure how to do it? You likely desire for your kids to grow up with strong character and a solid relationship with God. But how do you teach your children about God without encouraging religious moralism or implying God loves them more when they behave well?

To celebrate our 100th podcast episode, we tapped into the wisdom within the growing Connected Families community and asked the question, “What Truth Phrases keep you going in the messes of daily life?” The answers they gave did not disappoint! One parent found them so valuable – “I should have these tattooed on my arm!” Enjoy! Here are 100 Truth Phrases to keep you going! (And a FREE downloadable and printable PDF to keep them handy!)

How do you respond when your child is the recipient of really mean, really hurtful comments? It can be painful for you, whether it’s from a sibling, a critical relative, a classmate, or a friend… You might feel helpless, and worry your child will be deeply wounded. But you can turn these hard situations into a profound learning opportunity to build your child’s wisdom and a solid biblical identity for a lifetime! 

Jim and Lynne Jackson
Jim and Lynne Jackson
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