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Thanks for visiting our blog. If you’ve not yet tuned into our podcast, you’re going to want to. Next time you’re washing dishes or folding laundry, let Connected Families’ message of grace and truth seep into your parenting.

SM Holy Week Activities Ep 171

Holy Week Activities to Nurture Faith in Kids of All Ages | Ep. 171

In this episode, Stacy Bellward (podcast host) and Katie Wetsell (Connected Families Certified Parent Coach) offer insights on how to engage children in the Easter story, emphasizing the Resurrection’s significance through traditions and conversation. They provide age-appropriate scripts for explaining…

SM Supporting Grieving families ministry partners Ep 170

Bonus: Supporting Grieving Families in Your Community | Ep. 170

Join us for this special bonus episode where Stacy invites community members and ministry leaders to explore the delicate and important topic of supporting children and families in times of grief. Stacy is joined by Cindy Wilson, Connected Families Partnership…

SM navigate grief in children Ep 169 1

How to Navigate Grief in Children | Ep. 169

Children experience grief in all different forms. If you’re walking through grief with your kids, tune in to this grace-filled chat with our guest, Stacey Rodenbeck. Stacey, a widowed mother of two young children, shares her personal experience of grief…