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Thanks for visiting our blog. If you’ve not yet tuned into our podcast, you’re going to want to. Next time you’re washing dishes or folding laundry, let Connected Families’ message of grace and truth seep into your parenting.

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What Do Kids Really Need From Us? | Ep. 95

Sometimes parenting can seem hopeless. What do kids really need from us? Maybe your kids are struggling and you’re not sure how to get through to them. (This can feel especially hard with teens!) You feel frustrated and your relationship…

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What’s Good About Being an Angry Parent?

Anger is tough to understand. Many parents, in the name of putting a stop to their kids’ misbehavior, tend to react quickly. This reaction usually doesn’t give much thought to the deeper layers of what’s going on in both the…

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Why Do I Feel So Angry?  | Ep. 94

“WHY do I feel so angry?” “I’m just an angry parent with an angry kid!” Do you ever find yourself saying or thinking these statements? Anger can be a difficult emotion to navigate. We can feel so defeated when we…

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