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NW 2020 Emotionally Safe parent

How to Become an Emotionally Safe Parent

What does it look like to become an emotionally safe parent? Truly safe parenting can be hard. Hard to really understand and even harder to do. One dad I coached summed it up well during a parent coaching session. He…

SM Emotiionally Safe parent Ep 173 1

Become the Self-Aware Parent You Want to Be | Ep. 173

Listen in as Chad Hayenga, Jim Jackson, and Alan Thetford talk about being safe for their kids. Today’s podcast is extra-special! We have three dads who unpack the importance of being an emotionally safe parent, particularly focusing on the role…

SM Max Lucado Ep 172

Max Lucado: Just In Case You Ever Feel Alone | Ep. 172

Join us for a heartfelt conversation with Max Lucado about loneliness and his new children’s book, Just in Case You Ever Feel Alone. Feelings of isolation and loneliness are increasingly common, and the need for meaningful connection and reassurance is…