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Is Kids’ Misbehavior Actually Bad?

We have been trained to think in black and white terms about a lot of things. Kids’ misbehavior is one of them.When kids misbehave we say to ourselves and to our kids, “That was bad! It needs to stop!” The…

One Mom’s Journey from Fighting to Dancing

Julia was fed up. Her kids fought daily about their responsibilities, and Julia was at the end of her patience. Daily power struggles were beginning to define their relationships as the kids grew more discouraged and Julia more determined to stop the “misbehavior.” So Julia came to us for help.

When Kids Stay Irresponsible

Brian and Jana were very concerned about how much work it was to get their 8-year-old son, Brady, to do much of anything – look up from his book when they talked, get ready for school in the morning, get…

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