If We Want Kids To Listen Well To Us

If we want kids to listen well to us, we must first learn to listen well to them. One mom reported, “My kids tell me they…

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Helping Kids Learn Independence from Tots to TeensBuilding Insight And Independence

  Our teen-aged son had been working on a variety of “extra-credit” home projects for us as a way to earn money.  (For younger parents,…

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Tantrums From Tots To Teens

  Teen Tantrums Teen Tantrums are not all that different than two-year-old tantrums. So read the tip below and apply those principles. But there are…

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“Stop Whining!” – A Success Story!

A Thoughtful Approach to Whining “Whining” is a common problem whether children are toddlers, or teens demanding to get what they want. When parents try…

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Working Towards Obedience Pt. 2

We received quite a number of comments about the “experiment” I did with Eli in our last parenting tips email (read here if you missed it)….

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Working Towards Obedience Pt. 1

  Eli is not quite two. He is the son of a friend that is staying with us. I experimented with him this morning – in…

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