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Classroom Anxiety: It’s Common, and You Can Help | Ep. 73

Is your child struggling with anxiety about going back to school? How do you navigate the uncertainties of a new school year? If you and your child are feeling stressed about all the changes and upheaval surrounding school, you are…

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Teach Your Child to Have a Growth Mindset with These Four Steps | Ep. 70

Have you heard the buzz about having a “growth mindset”* versus a “fixed mindset”? How can you teach your child to have a growth mindset? When our kids lack the skills to do what we are asking them to do…

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A Simple Way to Teach Kids Perseverance

Do you ever watch your child’s mood swing wildly based on the latest circumstance? Do you ever watch your own mood swing wildly based on your child’s reaction to the latest circumstance? Persevering and staying calm when life throws you…