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Effective discipline doesn’t start where you think

It is inevitable that your kids will misbehave. After all, they’re human! Side note: same goes for you. 😉 

How you respond when your child misbehaves will build identity messages that last a lifetime. You would never intentionally send messages such as, “You are a problem.” or “You are irresponsible.” 

However, these are often the types of messages kids perceive… and those messages can potentially build a lifetime identity.

The problem is, as parents, we usually want to start discipline by addressing misbehavior. But effective discipline is ultimately not about behavior. It’s about wisdom and identity. Effective discipline is discipleship!

Effective discipline starts with you

Connected Family’s framework for effective discipline turns many of your parenting instincts upside down. Instead of starting with your child’s misbehavior, the Framework starts with YOU.

What’s going on inside of me? The Framework invites you to ask this question FIRST. From there, you can learn to connect with your child’s heart, even in the middle of this challenging discipline moment.

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Learn to respond to misbehavior with wisdom and grace

Your job, as a parent, isn’t to have perfectly behaved shiny children; It is to learn how to parent wisely. Your child’s job, over time, is to learn how to respond wisely. 

Watch this short video to learn how The Connected Families Framework works in all discipline situations. Then scroll down and choose the right next step for you.

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To get a good overview of the Connected Families Framework (and understand how the way you discipline develops identity-based messages) read the FREE ebook 4 Messages Every Child Longs To Hear

Then check out the articles below, as you work through the levels of the Connected Families Framework.

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