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What to Do About the Things Kids Are Scared of At Home | Ep. 40

anxiety triggers at home

Mealtime battles, bedtime drama, homework struggles… Can you relate to these anxiety triggers in your home? Often there are deeper emotions under the surface, for both parents and children, that contribute to these conflicts.

When we acknowledge and validate the emotions that drive our children’s anxiety, we can better equip them to self-regulate. Validating emotions also helps us avoid anxiety-producing power struggles. This equips us to approach these struggles in a way that empowers our children to feel safe, loved, and capable.

We are excited to bring you episode three in our four-part Anxiety Series. Today Jim and Lynne Jackson, co-founders of Connected Families, together with Chad Hayenga, marriage and family therapist, dig deeper on what some of the anxiety triggers might be in your home. Listen in as they talk about separation anxiety, homework, school, mealtimes, and more.

In this episode about anxiety triggers you’ll learn:

  • Practical ideas to reduce power struggles at mealtime
  • How to approach homework battles with compassion while encouraging responsibility at the same time
  • How to validate your child’s anxious feelings 
  • Ways to empower your children to feel safe and speak up for what they need 

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